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Mother India Farms was a pet project started by Mr. R. Durairaj on 200 acres of land located at Settrapatti village in the Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu, India
"It all began 14 years ago, though the 'thought process' was converted to 'action' only ten years ago. I am basically from an agricultural family. I have always closely followed developments in the agricultural sector, though I have diversified into many non-agricultural businesses. Of all the recent developments both in India and abroad, Organic Agriculture movement interested me the most, for the simple reason that 'it is based on indigenous technical knowledge', which is new to farmers in India. Also, organic farming is the way to go in the near future." Mother India Farms has been organically nurturing 10,000 Aphonso mango trees for the last ten years.

The 200 acres of land used for Mother India Farms was virgin land. Organic mango saplings were scientifically crafted and planted. The plants were nurtured with the latest concept picked up from all over the world including the ancient tradition of 'Panchakavya' and 'Jeevamrutha' the most effective organic/bio manure that provide the flora with the right nutrition. Organic mulch replenished at necessary intervals controlled weeds in the fields.

Our planned drip irrigation system ensures that the trees are safe from flooding, and other organic methods practiced with great care ensure that the trees have the right nutrition and fertilization.

Behind the scenes

There are several noted scientific figures on the farm who ensure that each stage of the growing process is done with the best scientific methods. These scientific geniuses also work to improve this process and produce fruits that have high nutritional value every harvest.

This exquisite and expensive variety of mango was named after Afonso De Albuquerque, a Portugese nobleman who used to bring them on his journeys to Goa. The locals took to calling it Aphoos in Konkani and in Maharashtra the pronunciation got further distorted to Hapoos. This variety was then taken to the Konkan region of Maharashtra and other parts of India.

This delicious and juicy mango with its exotic flavor and fragrance has long been one of the world's most popular fruits. India grows the finest mangoes in the world and although more than a thousand varieties exist, the Alphonso is the best. The luscious fruit is loved for its wonderful color, wholesome fragrance and irresistible taste. Our mango orchards are located on virgin land in the heart of South India, known to produce the finest quality of Alphonso mangoes. Our mangoes are grown in the most natural way, without the use of chemicals or artificial ripening. Mango requires soil with good internal drainage and must have low tolerance for salts, boron and herbicides. We practice the age-old Indian method of natural farming that prescribes the use of natural fertilizers, organic manure and is now being recognized the world over.

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The products produced and processed according to regulation EEC 2092/91 and NPOP, India
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