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Tamarind  - Tamarindus indica L.

Tamarind   ( Tamarindus indica L. )

Tamarind fruit pulp is traditionally popular in India as condiment added to many dishes like Rasham, Sambar, chutneys, curries etc. Technology is available now for manufacture of pectin out of this pulp. It is also possible to manufacture tartarates and alcohol from this pulp.

The pulp has a lot of medicinal virtues. Ayurvedic practitioners and folk doctors frequently used it as medicine. It was also a part of our home remedial system. The ripe fruit is considered as appetizing, laxative, tonic to the heart, anthelmintic, heals wounds and fractures, and rectifies disorders of Kapha and Vayu.

The fruit pulp is edible and popular. The hard green pulp of a young fruit is considered by many to be too sour and acidic, but is often used as a component of savory dishes, as a pickling agent or as a means of making certain poisonous yams in Ghana safe for human consumption. The ripened fruit is considered the more palatable as it becomes sweeter and less sour (acidic) as it matures. It is used in desserts as a jam, blended into juices or sweetened drinks, sorbets, ice-creams and all manner of snack. It is also consumed as a natural laxative. The fruit pulp is used to polish brass shrine furniture, removing dulling and the greenish patina that forms.

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