Raisins  - Vitis Vinifera

Raisins  ( Vitis Vinifera )

Raisins are dried grapes. They are produced in many regions of the world, such as Armenia, the United States, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Macedonia, Mexico, Greece, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, India, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, China, Afghanistan, Togo, and Jamaica, as well as South Africa and Southern and Eastern Europe. Raisins are sweet due to their high concentration of sugars.

Raisins are ready to eat or may be added to sandwich fillings, rice dishes, stuffing, salads, hot or cold cereals, puddings, and baked items. Raisins may be combined with peanuts, sunflower seeds, or granola to make a trail mix.

Raisins keep cookies and cakes moist. Chopped raisins impart a full flavor to baked goods. Add whole, sliced, or chopped raisins to muffins, breads, cookies, and other desserts.

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