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Nutmeg - Myristica Fragrans

Nutmeg   ( Myristica Fragrans )

Nutmeg or Myristica fragrans is a hard brown seed which has a spice sweet flavor that has many uses. Nutmeg has various health benefits.

The uses for nutmeg are well known since ancient times. It is as important herb which is beneficial to us, considered as brain tonic which removes mental stress. Mainly nutmeg is used as sedative. It is used to treat digestive problems and valued as an aphrodisiac. It also combat asthma. Nutmeg is used as detoxifying agent. Whole Nutmeg or Nutmeg oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used for treatment of joint pains. Nutmeg oil is used to treat cough, cold, asthma, so it is often used in number of cough syrups.

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