Masoor Dal  - Lens Culinaris

Masoor Dal  ( Lens Culinaris )

Masoor dal is red lentils. In Karnataka, it is called kempu (red) togari bele.

Dal preparations can be eaten with rice, as well as Indian breads in North India. In India, it is eaten with rice and with wheat bread called roti. The specific manner in which dal is cooked and presented varies in different parts of the broader region of South Asia. Dal has an exceptional nutritional profile. It provides an excellent source of protein for the Indian subcontinent, particularly for those adopting vegetarian diets or diets which do not contain much meat. Dal is typically around 25% protein by weight, giving it a comparable protein content to meats. Dal is also high in carbohydrates whilst being virtually fat-free. Dal is also rich in the B vitamins thiamine and folic acid, as well as several minerals, notably iron and zinc.

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