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Mace Whole  - Myristica Fragrans

Mace Whole   ( Myristica Fragrans )

Mace is the outer shell of the nutmeg fruit. It has a lighter, sweeter flavor.

Should you open the small, plum-sized fruit of the nutmeg tree, inside you would find the nutmeg protectively covered by the thin, lacy-looking scarlet-colored shell that we know as mace. After the mace is peeled from the shell and dried, its beautiful scarlet color fades to a light brown. Its flavor is similar to, but more delicate than, the sturdy nutmeg. Blade mace is used for soups and sauces, and is often found in wine mulling mixtures. Powdered mace is a pleasing addition (in minute quantities) to pound cake as well as to Swedish meatballs, doughnuts, stuffing, sweet potato pie, oyster stew, and barbeque sauces. You might be surprised to know that most American hot-dogs contain ground mace.

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